How Brad Keselowski was able to pass Ryan Newman on that last lap to win Talladega

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October 17, 2017
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October 17, 2017

– Well, it’s a game of inches, especially when you come to superspeedway racing. And when you see the moves that he makes right here– obviously to go on the outside of the 31 to get the lead, and he’s got his teammate in tow right there, but I think as you’re coming up off this corner right here– I don’t know that he knows, other than after he watched it, how close all this was.

But I think that 22 was really trying to help him. And Brad was turning the wheel at the same time, going from top to bottom and coming across the nose, and sometimes when you’re getting those pushes, and you’re turning the wheel, it makes the car a little bit edgy. But that could have been a disaster right there, but it wound up being a risk that he felt like he needed to take to win the race.

– That flag stand is really far when you’re coming down that front stretch at Talladega.

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